Who Are Great Scottish Events

Great Scottish Events is the UK’s original adventure challenge company. We’re here to help organisations stage exciting, demanding and professional fundraising events, with participant satisfaction guaranteed. And it’s all about the fundraising, all of our events have a primary purpose of raising as much money as possible for the event charity. Over the years we have assisted charities raise more than £12 Million for their own good causes!

What makes us different is:

  1. All charities receive the full 100% of money raised by their supporters.
  2. Any profits made by “Great Scottish Events”, is reinvested into the organisation to keep costs down for charity groups.
  3. We don’t handle any sponsorship monies raised by charity supporters, all money goes directly to the good cause.
  4. Our events provide an opportunity for all ages and abilities to take part – from possibly the oldest entrant in one of our events, a 101yr old gentleman with his zimmer frame to a two week old baby in a buggy.
  5. We endeavour to include individuals with all disabilities and will never charge an entry fee to carers for our general events. (exception for events that include overnight accommodation).
  6. Experience – Our co-founder has been running charity walks/runs for over 45years, probably organising walking/running events for the longest time in the UK.

Although we have organised events for over 40 years. We decided to rebrand and become a social enterprise. This allows us to re-invest all profit made back into the organisation, which in turn will allow us to keep costs down and introduce other exciting events to our portfolio. We believe by operating in this manner will create employment and learning opportunities for