The Woodland Trust


We are the Woodland Trust. As the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity, we are fighting for the future of woods and trees. Since 1972, we’ve planted over 43 million trees and we won’t stop there. We want to achieve our vision of a UK rich in native woods and trees for people and wildlife but we can’t do it alone.

Why are trees so important?

Trees are essential to people, wildlife and the environment. They clean the air we breathe, cool our cities, purify our water, provide homes for wildlife and provide a natural solution against climate change. Yet the damage done to them has now reached catastrophic levels, and our plant and animal species are declining at an alarming rate.

Why trees need us

Just 13% of the UK is covered with trees. That’s low compared to the average European country that has 37%. Since the 1930s, more than half the UK’s ancient woodland has been damaged or destroyed. Today, it covers just 2% of the UK. And we stand to lose even more as airports, roads and railways expand, houses are built and diseases attack. The effects are devastating: 55% of our animal and plant species have declined in the past 50 years. Many are now endangered; some face extinction. The best time to plant a tree was a generation ago. The second best time is now.

You can make a difference.

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