Great Scottish Virtual Mile

Run – Walk – Toddle

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The event to take place over the week from Saturday 23rd August to Sunday 6th September

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The Great Scottish Mile

The event is associated with the Edinburgh Royal Mile the distance between Edinburgh Castle and Her Majesty the Queen’s Scottish Residence – The Palace of Holyroodhouse.
Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle
The Royal Mile
The Royal Mile
The Palace of Holyroodhouse
The Palace of Holyroodhouse

Run – Walk – Toddle

The event to take place over the week from Saturday 23rd August to Sunday 6th September

You can run, walk or jog, in your home, garden, treadmill, local park, or streets to complete the distance you have entered, you decide!

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Work out your run or walk route & distance from your front door by going to It is very simple and easy to use. All you will need to get started is your postcode.

The History of the Mile Run

The history of the running mile event began in England, when it was used as a distance for gambling races in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The current mile world record holder is the Moroccan Hicham El Guerroyj with a time of 3min 43.13sec. Sifan Hassan of the Netherlands is the women’s world record holder with a time of 4min 12.33sec.

The chase for the sub 4minute mile in the 1950s is the high point of the mile. With Roger Bannister finally breaking the 4min barrier on a cinder running track .Place Oxford date 6th May 1954 in a time of 3min 59.04sec.

Interesting note: – The record for the fastest mile ever run is held by a Craig Wheeler who ran a downhill mile in 1993 in a time of 3min 24sec. Wheelers time is not officially recognized due to the downhill grade of the course.

Scotland Mile Records Running
Men Sydney Maree USA 3.51 Meadowbank Stadium 26th June 1983
Women’s Laura Muir 4min 18sec London 2017

One Mile Walking World Records
Men – Tom Bosworth 5min 31.08sec London 9th July 2019
Women – Sada Eidikyte 6min 16.72 sec Moscow 1990

Scottish Native
Richard Quinn 6min 45.06sec Ibrox Park 6min 44sec 1909
Women’s Vera Murray 8min 43.08sec Dundee Hawkhill 1935